The ‘Whole’ in Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Shipping BoxesI spent most of my life not understanding what ‘wholesale’ meant.  Thankfully, I found out before I learned about wholesale shipping boxes, or I might have just passed them by.  On the one hand, the consumer has ‘retail’, where you go to the store and get a pair of jeans (and, let’s face it, you probably only got the jeans to get the endorphin rush that comes with it).  On the other hand, the consumer has a little thing called ‘wholesale’, which is actually not so little.  This is where you buy an item in quantity so that you don’t have to go out and buy it again anytime soon.  A pair of jeans may give a momentary high, but wholesale eases the worry of running out of something too soon, and the stress of needing to buy it again right away.

Consider wholesale shipping boxes.  At there are numerous varieties to choose from.  Plastic bin boxes, for the mechanic’s shop.  File storage boxes, for the [hopefully] pro bono lawyer.  Window cake boxes for the everyday cake boss.  And my personal favorite: candy boxes.  Practically any type of business you could consider opening, you are probably going to need wholesale shipping boxes.  What else are you going to put the stuff in?  Consumer’s prefer an attractive and well-kept product, and wholesale shipping boxes offer that.  You wouldn’t want to just throw that piece of hand-made jewelry in a plastic baggie and call it good.  You would want to represent your Etsy shop with some style and flair.  By ordering wholesale shipping boxes you can have a wide variety of different colored and sized jewelry boxes.  Presentation presentation presentation.

The key is shopping wholesale.  When you own a pawn shop you aren’t going to go to Wal Mart and buy three or four corrugated bin boxes.  No!  You are going to need every size and every variety, capable of storing everything from those relic roller blades to so-and-so’s massive U2 CD collection.  The point of wholesale shipping boxes is that when you get a new customer, or a new product, or even just a new hobby, you can go to your ‘stash’ and whip out a new box.  You don’t have to plan ahead by adding an extra step of going to the store for a new container.  You already have what you need, in large quantity, that will last you a while.  You maybe place an order every month or so, and spend the rest of the time doing what you love: separating Barbie parts for that Extreme Art shop so that the tortured souls don’t have to waste any precious moment on earth doing it themselves.

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The Whimsy of Custom Shipping Bags

Shipping BagsYes, you read that correctly.  I said whimsy.  It’s a scientific fact that custom shipping bags are the epitome of whimsical.  I can understand why you might think that is a bit of a stretch: allow me to explain.  I suppose we should start by discussing what ‘whimsy’ actually means.  Instead of getting all Merriam and Webster on you I will just use the explain-in-one-word-or-less method and define ‘whimsy’ as ‘playful’; but it’s more or less playful on steroids.  What does that have to do with custom shipping bags, you might ask?  I’m glad you did.

What do you do when you run a custom design ugly Christmas sweater business?  After all of your hard work knitting and hot-glue-gunning you don’t want to ball up your hand-made, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art; you want to be able to package it according to its worth and send it off with confidence.  This is the part where you go to to check out their custom shipping bags, and you find clear garment bags.  They are perfect for keeping those ugly Christmas sweaters neat and pristine, regardless of whether or not the UPS guy spills his espresso all over the box.

What about when you decide that you have a really important message that just needs to get out?  You have decided that everyone should begin their day with a smile, but how do you make that happen?  Obviously, people need to find a smile hanging on their front doors- kind of a symbolic gesture that the world is happy to see them and so everyone should be happy to see it.  But how can this be done?  You’ve got 1,200 happy faces printed out on cardstock (which wasn’t cheap), but now what?  You go online to, search the database, and find two different kinds of clear doorknob bags at your disposal.  You can choose high density, but low density would probably just as effectively fulfill your purpose.  Voila!  Now you can spend all night, every night, hanging these hand-stuffed bags of 2-D Prozac off of peoples’ front doors.  Small price to pay to ensure that everyone wakes up with a smile, am I right? Hopefully nobody discovers you on their front porch at 3AM, or else they might create a neighborhood Facebook page and suggest a neighborhood watch, which would really put a cramp in your mission.

You get my point.  Custom shipping bags in themselves may not necessarily be whimsical, but they offer the option of whimsy to the buyer.  Bread bags, coffee bags, drawstring bags- the world is literally at your fingertips.  Literally.

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Stretch Film Manufacturers: Stretch Wrap

Stretch Film WrapThe stretch film manufacturers of have designed several different kinds of stretch film, suitable for multiple needs and purposes.  The stretch wrap comes in different colors, in different sizes, and with accessories to make the handling of it easier. We all know how angry we get when we are trying to get a sheet of cling wrap to cover our stinking bowl of leftover Jell-o and the darn thing folds over at the slightest breeze.  It is impossible (I repeat: it is impossible) to straighten out cling wrap after it has folded.  You have to start over, probably after practicing some yoga because if you are annoyed you are more than likely going to be moving too quickly and the tremors from your hands are going to upset the cling wrap and it’s going to do what?  It’s going to fold over.  Imagine that process on a much, much larger scale.  Thankfully, stretch film manufacturers have designed a stretch wrap dispenser.  In my opinion, they should consider shrinking this down for the average kitchen.  Instead of a giant, jagged edge saw blade to cut it, there is a handy tool called a stretch film cutter.  I also think that this should be re-scaled for the average kitchen.  Imagine the amounts of time and energy we would save if we had these amazing accessories at our disposal.  Apparently too many, because someone out there wants to keep making money off of all our wasted cling wrap and trips to the psychiatrist and anxiety medication, and probably our smoking habit.  I could see why packing up leftovers would need a smoke break before and after.

Not only does offer stretch film on steroids, their stretch film manufacturers have designed stretch film on crack.  This is more professionally coined as machine grade, and is used to wrap up entire pallets.  It is so large that it needs an actual machine to operate it.  This is not the type of stuff people want to mess with by hand, or else they will surely find themselves swaddled like Frodo waiting for Shelob to come stab him in the stomach with her giant, on-crack spider butt.  Anybody else getting major goosebumps talking about stretch wrap?  But I digress…

The stretch film manufacturers at wanted to make sure that they had all options of stretch wrap covered; and I may not be an expert, but I definitely think they do.

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Cardboard Boxes for Sale

Cardboard Boxes for MovingPacking up and moving can be one of the most stressful experiences for a family, a couple, or even just a single person.  It is overwhelming and the mountainous task often brings people to the brink.  All of that stress and angst begins to build months in advance when, instead of trying to find some cardboard boxes for sale, you start asking all your friends, “Hey, can you set aside any random box?  I’d like my packing experience to be as frustrating as possible.”   You wind up with an odd-shaped carton that someone’s new juicer came in, and about fifty others ranging in size from smaller-than-a-shoe-box to something so huge that you couldn’t possibly lift it without calling in some strangers off of the street to come help (or possibly save you from under the crushing load). Not only are the sizes of hand-me-down boxes so random and awkward, they’re always covered in some sort of advertisement that completely camouflages your illegible Sharpie markings.  Or maybe you decided to skip asking your friends and thought that dumpster diving would be your best bet.  You find yourself stalking retail stores, making notes of when they receive their shipments because that means the next day there will be boxes on boxes on boxes.  You notice that the employees are starting to look uncomfortable when they see you around but you justify your erratic behavior by reminding yourself that you have a mission to accomplish: find boxes!  From there you begin to casually sneak behind Lowe’s and JoAnn Fabrics every couple days.  Every single time, though, you discover: no boxes!  It turns out that most companies have balers, and they compact all of those amazing vessels into tight, economical bales of green-promoting, recycle-ready material.  But what about you?  The once excited, starry-eyed adventurer turned desperate and wild-eyed criminal?

This is where will probably save your life.  Get this: they have cardboard boxes for sale!  They actually offer a moving kit!  It’s not just plain old cardboard boxes for sale, it’s any kind of box you may find yourself needing.  Want those cool, house-of-card type inserts to protect those long-stem wine glasses?  Check.  Picture frame boxes?  Check!  How about a box for your golf clubs?  Said what?  Yes, I said, “How about a box for your golf clubs?”  For, it is more than just offering cardboard boxes for sale, it’s about offering a better experience.  A good experience.  Wouldn’t you rather take your golf clubs out of their perfectly proportioned box, instead of disentangling them from the lamps in the back of the moving van?  I’d recommend you even go the extra mile and get the lamp boxes, and then I would casually suggest that you put your clubs in last so as soon as you get to that new condo in Myrtle Beach you can go hit a few… wait, it’s South Dakota?

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Candy Packaging for Gift Giving

Cake BoxesThe Holidays are just around the corner. Many gifts will be given.  Some will be homemade, others will be store bought.  Some will be thoughtful, some will be over the top.  Some gifts will be an experience, and some will be material items.  For those of you who are into the whole homemade gift giving thing, perhaps this year homemade candies will be on the agenda.  Personally, to make my own homemade candy is definitely an item on my bucket list.  I have long since shied away from actually completing the task, however, as it seems incredibly daunting.  Needless to say, I have extreme respect for those people with the patience and craftiness to be able to achieve such a thing.

If you are going to make homemade candy, how are you planning on packaging it?  Where do you plan on purchasing the candy packaging?  Candy packaging is not exactly an item that you see on the shelves in typical stores.  It is a unique item that can be hard to come by.  The only place I have seen candy packaging for sale is Michaels, and let me tell you, it was not cheap.  I recently came across a site called  It is an online retailer featuring over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies, including candy packaging.  No matter what your candy packaging needs are, this site is sure to have it. has a wide variety of candy packaging, including standard candy boxes (both single and 2-piece), window candy boxes so you can see the candies inside (both single and 2-piece), truffle boxes, candy trays, candy pads, candy layer boards, and candy cups.  Not only are all of these different types of candy packaging available, but you can also choose from multiple sizes.  You order in bulk, so it makes your price per package extremely inexpensive. The site keeps 98% of their items in stock and ready to go, so place your order before 1PM EST and it will be shipped out the same day. will match or beat any competitor’s pricing, so rest assured you will not only get the best quality available, but the best pricing available as well. Should you have any questions, someone from the customer service team will be happy to help you.  Head to to get candy packaging for this year’s holiday gift giving and blow your loved ones away with your homemade candies.

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Where to Buy Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping BoxesCardboard shipping boxes can be hard to come by; at least for a good price.  You can only go dumpster diving for these bad boys so many times before you have hardly any dignity left.  The last time Tim needed some cardboard shipping boxes he decided to go the dumpster diving route.  Unfortunately for Tim, he did not quite think his venture through.  On his lunch break, he went to the Papa Johns right around the corner from his office where his boss Ted always went for lunch.  Never mind the fact that Ted was a walking heart attack waiting to happen, nothing ever got in the way between him and his breadsticks (with extra parmesan).  Tim happened to emerge from the corridor where the dumpster resided right when Ted pulled into the parking lot.

Ted rolled his window down and said “Tim, is that you?”.  Tim ashamedly dropped the empty cardboard shipping boxes to the ground and pulled the banana peel off his head and said “It’s not what it looks like Ted.”  “Really?” asked Ted.  “Because to me it looks like we are not paying you enough.  Please do not come back to the office before taking a shower.”  Tim was mortified and knew there had to be a better way of obtaining cardboard shipping boxes than hoisting his body over dumpster walls on his lunch break in order to save a few bucks.

When Tim arrived back to the office (post shower) he found a note on his desk signed from Ted.  “Your first purchase is on me” was scribbled onto the top of the note and underneath it said “”.  Tim went to the domain immediately and to his surprise he found a plethora of cardboard shipping boxes for incredibly affordable prices.  He called the customer service line and spoke with a friendly individual who told him that 98% of their items were in stock at all times so if he placed his order before 1PM EST it would be shipped out the same day.  The customer service rep also told him that they would match or beat any competitor’s prices.  This was the best news Tim had heard in awhile.  He quickly placed an order and said a quick prayer thanking the Big Guy upstairs for this blessing and for the fact that he would never have to be humiliated at the Papa Johns parking lot ever again.

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What Are Poly Shipping Bags?

Poly shipping bagsPoly shipping bags are fancy plastic bags designed to ship a variety of items: foods, produce, powders, ice, chemicals, waste, magazines, and other products.  The bags are composed of a film called polyethylene. There are several features and designs of these bags.  They can be gussetted in order to fit a larger amount of products, they can be made to stand up on their own, or they can be made to lie flat.  Some of them have handles cut in or added, and some of them have resealable openings for easy open and closing of the bag.  Some poly bags called boil-in-bags are designed to withstand the effects of heat so the enclosed food can be cooked right from the bag.

An excellent place to order poly shipping bags of all shapes, types, and sizes is  This site is an online retailer of over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies, including poly shipping bags.  Chose from lay flat poly bags, anti-static poly bags, gussetted poly bags, ziplock bags (with either white block, hang hole, or adhesive back), zipper bags, lip-n-tape poly bags, ultra clear, and cellophane.  The bags can be heat sealed, closed with a twist tie, or even bag tape.  The choice is yours.  Should you need shrink bags, bag sealers, or poly tubing for your poly shipping bag needs, these can all be found at

The site is fully prepared when you place your order, as 98% of the items are in stock and ready to ship.  If your order is complete before 1PM EST, it will be shipped out the same day.  A nice feature about the site is that they will price match or beat any lower prices you may find, so you know you will be getting the most affordable pricing out there for any packing and shipping item needs you have.  You will not be skimping out on quality either, because the company is geared toward 100% customer satisfaction.  Should you have any questions or need assistance with an order, place a call to the friendly customer service team who will be happy to assist you.  They can be reached M-F between 8a-5p EST.  Now that you are aware of what exactly poly shipping bags are, should you have a need for them, make sure you head to for the widest variety and best prices.

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