What Are Poly Shipping Bags?

Poly shipping bagsPoly shipping bags are fancy plastic bags designed to ship a variety of items: foods, produce, powders, ice, chemicals, waste, magazines, and other products.  The bags are composed of a film called polyethylene. There are several features and designs of these bags.  They can be gussetted in order to fit a larger amount of products, they can be made to stand up on their own, or they can be made to lie flat.  Some of them have handles cut in or added, and some of them have resealable openings for easy open and closing of the bag.  Some poly bags called boil-in-bags are designed to withstand the effects of heat so the enclosed food can be cooked right from the bag.

An excellent place to order poly shipping bags of all shapes, types, and sizes is PackagingSupplies.com.  This site is an online retailer of over 5,000 unique and hard to find packing and shipping supplies, including poly shipping bags.  Chose from lay flat poly bags, anti-static poly bags, gussetted poly bags, ziplock bags (with either white block, hang hole, or adhesive back), zipper bags, lip-n-tape poly bags, ultra clear, and cellophane.  The bags can be heat sealed, closed with a twist tie, or even bag tape.  The choice is yours.  Should you need shrink bags, bag sealers, or poly tubing for your poly shipping bag needs, these can all be found at PackagingSupplies.com

The site is fully prepared when you place your order, as 98% of the items are in stock and ready to ship.  If your order is complete before 1PM EST, it will be shipped out the same day.  A nice feature about the site is that they will price match or beat any lower prices you may find, so you know you will be getting the most affordable pricing out there for any packing and shipping item needs you have.  You will not be skimping out on quality either, because the company is geared toward 100% customer satisfaction.  Should you have any questions or need assistance with an order, place a call to the friendly customer service team who will be happy to assist you.  They can be reached M-F between 8a-5p EST.  Now that you are aware of what exactly poly shipping bags are, should you have a need for them, make sure you head to PackagingSupplies.com for the widest variety and best prices.

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