Where to Buy Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Cardboard Shipping BoxesCardboard shipping boxes can be hard to come by; at least for a good price.  You can only go dumpster diving for these bad boys so many times before you have hardly any dignity left.  The last time Tim needed some cardboard shipping boxes he decided to go the dumpster diving route.  Unfortunately for Tim, he did not quite think his venture through.  On his lunch break, he went to the Papa Johns right around the corner from his office where his boss Ted always went for lunch.  Never mind the fact that Ted was a walking heart attack waiting to happen, nothing ever got in the way between him and his breadsticks (with extra parmesan).  Tim happened to emerge from the corridor where the dumpster resided right when Ted pulled into the parking lot.

Ted rolled his window down and said “Tim, is that you?”.  Tim ashamedly dropped the empty cardboard shipping boxes to the ground and pulled the banana peel off his head and said “It’s not what it looks like Ted.”  “Really?” asked Ted.  “Because to me it looks like we are not paying you enough.  Please do not come back to the office before taking a shower.”  Tim was mortified and knew there had to be a better way of obtaining cardboard shipping boxes than hoisting his body over dumpster walls on his lunch break in order to save a few bucks.

When Tim arrived back to the office (post shower) he found a note on his desk signed from Ted.  “Your first purchase is on me” was scribbled onto the top of the note and underneath it said “PackagingSupplies.com”.  Tim went to the domain immediately and to his surprise he found a plethora of cardboard shipping boxes for incredibly affordable prices.  He called the customer service line and spoke with a friendly individual who told him that 98% of their items were in stock at all times so if he placed his order before 1PM EST it would be shipped out the same day.  The customer service rep also told him that they would match or beat any competitor’s prices.  This was the best news Tim had heard in awhile.  He quickly placed an order and said a quick prayer thanking the Big Guy upstairs for this blessing and for the fact that he would never have to be humiliated at the Papa Johns parking lot ever again.

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