Stretch Film Manufacturers: Stretch Wrap

Stretch Film WrapThe stretch film manufacturers of have designed several different kinds of stretch film, suitable for multiple needs and purposes.  The stretch wrap comes in different colors, in different sizes, and with accessories to make the handling of it easier. We all know how angry we get when we are trying to get a sheet of cling wrap to cover our stinking bowl of leftover Jell-o and the darn thing folds over at the slightest breeze.  It is impossible (I repeat: it is impossible) to straighten out cling wrap after it has folded.  You have to start over, probably after practicing some yoga because if you are annoyed you are more than likely going to be moving too quickly and the tremors from your hands are going to upset the cling wrap and it’s going to do what?  It’s going to fold over.  Imagine that process on a much, much larger scale.  Thankfully, stretch film manufacturers have designed a stretch wrap dispenser.  In my opinion, they should consider shrinking this down for the average kitchen.  Instead of a giant, jagged edge saw blade to cut it, there is a handy tool called a stretch film cutter.  I also think that this should be re-scaled for the average kitchen.  Imagine the amounts of time and energy we would save if we had these amazing accessories at our disposal.  Apparently too many, because someone out there wants to keep making money off of all our wasted cling wrap and trips to the psychiatrist and anxiety medication, and probably our smoking habit.  I could see why packing up leftovers would need a smoke break before and after.

Not only does offer stretch film on steroids, their stretch film manufacturers have designed stretch film on crack.  This is more professionally coined as machine grade, and is used to wrap up entire pallets.  It is so large that it needs an actual machine to operate it.  This is not the type of stuff people want to mess with by hand, or else they will surely find themselves swaddled like Frodo waiting for Shelob to come stab him in the stomach with her giant, on-crack spider butt.  Anybody else getting major goosebumps talking about stretch wrap?  But I digress…

The stretch film manufacturers at wanted to make sure that they had all options of stretch wrap covered; and I may not be an expert, but I definitely think they do.

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