The Whimsy of Custom Shipping Bags

Shipping BagsYes, you read that correctly.  I said whimsy.  It’s a scientific fact that custom shipping bags are the epitome of whimsical.  I can understand why you might think that is a bit of a stretch: allow me to explain.  I suppose we should start by discussing what ‘whimsy’ actually means.  Instead of getting all Merriam and Webster on you I will just use the explain-in-one-word-or-less method and define ‘whimsy’ as ‘playful’; but it’s more or less playful on steroids.  What does that have to do with custom shipping bags, you might ask?  I’m glad you did.

What do you do when you run a custom design ugly Christmas sweater business?  After all of your hard work knitting and hot-glue-gunning you don’t want to ball up your hand-made, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art; you want to be able to package it according to its worth and send it off with confidence.  This is the part where you go to to check out their custom shipping bags, and you find clear garment bags.  They are perfect for keeping those ugly Christmas sweaters neat and pristine, regardless of whether or not the UPS guy spills his espresso all over the box.

What about when you decide that you have a really important message that just needs to get out?  You have decided that everyone should begin their day with a smile, but how do you make that happen?  Obviously, people need to find a smile hanging on their front doors- kind of a symbolic gesture that the world is happy to see them and so everyone should be happy to see it.  But how can this be done?  You’ve got 1,200 happy faces printed out on cardstock (which wasn’t cheap), but now what?  You go online to, search the database, and find two different kinds of clear doorknob bags at your disposal.  You can choose high density, but low density would probably just as effectively fulfill your purpose.  Voila!  Now you can spend all night, every night, hanging these hand-stuffed bags of 2-D Prozac off of peoples’ front doors.  Small price to pay to ensure that everyone wakes up with a smile, am I right? Hopefully nobody discovers you on their front porch at 3AM, or else they might create a neighborhood Facebook page and suggest a neighborhood watch, which would really put a cramp in your mission.

You get my point.  Custom shipping bags in themselves may not necessarily be whimsical, but they offer the option of whimsy to the buyer.  Bread bags, coffee bags, drawstring bags- the world is literally at your fingertips.  Literally.

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