The ‘Whole’ in Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Shipping BoxesI spent most of my life not understanding what ‘wholesale’ meant.  Thankfully, I found out before I learned about wholesale shipping boxes, or I might have just passed them by.  On the one hand, the consumer has ‘retail’, where you go to the store and get a pair of jeans (and, let’s face it, you probably only got the jeans to get the endorphin rush that comes with it).  On the other hand, the consumer has a little thing called ‘wholesale’, which is actually not so little.  This is where you buy an item in quantity so that you don’t have to go out and buy it again anytime soon.  A pair of jeans may give a momentary high, but wholesale eases the worry of running out of something too soon, and the stress of needing to buy it again right away.

Consider wholesale shipping boxes.  At there are numerous varieties to choose from.  Plastic bin boxes, for the mechanic’s shop.  File storage boxes, for the [hopefully] pro bono lawyer.  Window cake boxes for the everyday cake boss.  And my personal favorite: candy boxes.  Practically any type of business you could consider opening, you are probably going to need wholesale shipping boxes.  What else are you going to put the stuff in?  Consumer’s prefer an attractive and well-kept product, and wholesale shipping boxes offer that.  You wouldn’t want to just throw that piece of hand-made jewelry in a plastic baggie and call it good.  You would want to represent your Etsy shop with some style and flair.  By ordering wholesale shipping boxes you can have a wide variety of different colored and sized jewelry boxes.  Presentation presentation presentation.

The key is shopping wholesale.  When you own a pawn shop you aren’t going to go to Wal Mart and buy three or four corrugated bin boxes.  No!  You are going to need every size and every variety, capable of storing everything from those relic roller blades to so-and-so’s massive U2 CD collection.  The point of wholesale shipping boxes is that when you get a new customer, or a new product, or even just a new hobby, you can go to your ‘stash’ and whip out a new box.  You don’t have to plan ahead by adding an extra step of going to the store for a new container.  You already have what you need, in large quantity, that will last you a while.  You maybe place an order every month or so, and spend the rest of the time doing what you love: separating Barbie parts for that Extreme Art shop so that the tortured souls don’t have to waste any precious moment on earth doing it themselves.

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