Cardboard Boxes for Sale

Cardboard Boxes for MovingPacking up and moving can be one of the most stressful experiences for a family, a couple, or even just a single person.  It is overwhelming and the mountainous task often brings people to the brink.  All of that stress and angst begins to build months in advance when, instead of trying to find some cardboard boxes for sale, you start asking all your friends, “Hey, can you set aside any random box?  I’d like my packing experience to be as frustrating as possible.”   You wind up with an odd-shaped carton that someone’s new juicer came in, and about fifty others ranging in size from smaller-than-a-shoe-box to something so huge that you couldn’t possibly lift it without calling in some strangers off of the street to come help (or possibly save you from under the crushing load). Not only are the sizes of hand-me-down boxes so random and awkward, they’re always covered in some sort of advertisement that completely camouflages your illegible Sharpie markings.  Or maybe you decided to skip asking your friends and thought that dumpster diving would be your best bet.  You find yourself stalking retail stores, making notes of when they receive their shipments because that means the next day there will be boxes on boxes on boxes.  You notice that the employees are starting to look uncomfortable when they see you around but you justify your erratic behavior by reminding yourself that you have a mission to accomplish: find boxes!  From there you begin to casually sneak behind Lowe’s and JoAnn Fabrics every couple days.  Every single time, though, you discover: no boxes!  It turns out that most companies have balers, and they compact all of those amazing vessels into tight, economical bales of green-promoting, recycle-ready material.  But what about you?  The once excited, starry-eyed adventurer turned desperate and wild-eyed criminal?

This is where will probably save your life.  Get this: they have cardboard boxes for sale!  They actually offer a moving kit!  It’s not just plain old cardboard boxes for sale, it’s any kind of box you may find yourself needing.  Want those cool, house-of-card type inserts to protect those long-stem wine glasses?  Check.  Picture frame boxes?  Check!  How about a box for your golf clubs?  Said what?  Yes, I said, “How about a box for your golf clubs?”  For, it is more than just offering cardboard boxes for sale, it’s about offering a better experience.  A good experience.  Wouldn’t you rather take your golf clubs out of their perfectly proportioned box, instead of disentangling them from the lamps in the back of the moving van?  I’d recommend you even go the extra mile and get the lamp boxes, and then I would casually suggest that you put your clubs in last so as soon as you get to that new condo in Myrtle Beach you can go hit a few… wait, it’s South Dakota?

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